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What else could one want?


After a great deal of personal searching and staring moodily into still pools of water, I made the admission to myself that these are really the only things I need on a regular basis. So be honest with yourself, download a copy, and don’t forget your daily dose.


4 thoughts on “What else could one want?

  1. Francois says:

    Hi Colin

    I discovered your ‘What else could one want?’ design via Smashing Magazine (your contribution for the March wallpaper calendar). I think it is awesome!

    For me it would be ‘Eat, Sleep and Skate’ though ( I’m rubbish at design). But, I think the principle remains the same.

    All of March I’ll be reminded that life is not so complicated after all 😉

    Many thanks

    • Thanks Francois.

      Yeah, I actually have a shirt that says ‘Eat, Sleep, Skate’. (Though I must admit I don’t skateboard at all — I bought it purely because it was a nice shirt with cool graphics. Does that make me a poser?) I’m glad you like my piece. Don’t forget you can get an 11×17 poster for free right here. Well, not entirely free; you’ll have to print it out somehow.

    • Thanks! Yeah, you can get yourself a copy of the wallpaper(s) here on Smashing Magazine. (You’ll have to scroll about a quarter of the way down the page to find them. My apologies for the inconvenience.)

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