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The Decline of Printed News

“When No News is Bad News” by James Warren, over on The Atlantic. A really interesting article on the decline of the printed newspaper. I, as I’m sure you as well, have been seeing a lot about the “death of print” and all the sensationalism, but this article is about more than just the disappearance of printed material.

In the article, Warren brightly illuminates what it is that’s causing the erosion of the modern newspaper and, ultimately, why a newspaper is important.

“Good journalism keeps public and private officials honest and helps citizens make thoughtful decisions. It does this by systematically gathering, processing, and checking relevant information, and by doing it with a spirit of independence. It’s how two previously unknown Washington Post reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, put together the Watergate puzzle that forced the 1974 resignation of President Richard Nixon.”


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