Here we go again. Again.


Blogging is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’ve made several attempts before, but after a few posts I ultimately doubted my relevance and significance in an already well blogged about world. But as a sort of impromptu resolution I’ve decided to throw all my petty self doubt aside and just do a damn blog.

I’m not going to set any rules on content for myself because that hasn’t seemed to work in the past. Instead, this will be host to my daily whim, featuring links to stuff that catches my attention around the web — which will no doubt mostly be graphic design related due to my obsessive interest in my field of profession — and occasionally some of my own creations, which they themselves will vary from free poster designs to hopefully some writing that I will try and push myself to accomplish. Perhaps even frequently.  Maybe. But lets not set the bar too high, especially with such immature legs.

Despite my insecurities and sensitivity, I realize that I’m not going to have a devoted crowd of readers right from the word go. I mean, really, I’m not exactly a celebrity. I hope, however, that with a consistent level of posting and a healthy dose of sunshine, water and time, perhaps this might turn into a more meaningful expenditure of time than mere personal pleasure. Because in the end, really, it’s all for you. But also for me. Only slightly.


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